Bringing Charity to School

class with finished bagsWe are excited to announce our newest program, Bringing Charity to School. This most recent initiative is designed to integrate meaningful community service activities into the classroom.

The Giving Tree would like to visit schools in the nearby counties and bring our assembly-line projects to the students. This forum allows the volunteers to interact with the children as they learn about various needs in the community.

Typically, schools will ask The Giving Tree to design a hands-on project for each grade level or possibly a combination of grade levels. This can be done for a small gathering of students or to include the entire student body.

This is designed to be stress-free for the school faculty and staff. Projects can be set up and students can do their part to make the gift and also have the opportunity to learn about the needs in the community.

At the conclusion of their service day, their gifts will be sent to those in need through the efforts of the volunteers of The Giving Tree.

Please reach out to us if you would like to bring charity to your school!

We would also love to hear from local businesses who would like to partner with us and bring this amazing program to schools in your community.