Student Ambassadors

The Giving Tree is looking for student ambassadors to share our news and events with local community groups or schools.

What is expected of an Ambassador?

  • To be a service-oriented student (up to 12th grade)
  • To keep in touch with the Giving Tree Team
  • To share information regarding Giving Tree events and projects to your school or community group.

There are many ways that Ambassadors can help!

Supply collections are very important to us and we appreciate the efforts of our students hitting the streets of their own neighborhoods and letting their own friends and family know what materials are necessary for us to keep our amazing projects going. This is especially helpful as we prepare for our large public events which are held twice during the school year.

We also work very hard to create fantastic relationships with our nonprofit partners. We want them to know how much we care and keep in touch to be sure that we are aware of their needs. Ambassadors can help out by contacting our partners and giving them a hello from us. This also serves as a great educational opportunity for our students.

Of course, there is the topic of CEREAL BOXES! Ambassadors, come and join us as we continue to look for new collection spots for those empty cereal boxes that we need so desperately. This is also a great way to get the word out about the many educational service projects that the charity organizes.

Calling all Social Media experts. Help us spread the word and get our footprint in the social media world. At the Giving Tree, we are aware of the knowledge that our students can share with us to make all of our social media marketing efforts have a better impact.

Keep in mind that the Service Recognition Program offers assistance in tracking those needed service hours and this would also be another positive message to share with schools and groups about the advantages of working with The Giving Tree.

Join the Ambassador Club!!!!!

If you are 13 to 18 years old and would like to take part in our monthly service activities and education programs please reach out and let us know. This club requires your best efforts to try and help us out as we plan events and to take part in some teen service projects. Please contact us for further info.