2014 Helping Hands Event Photos


The 1st Annual Helping Hands Project was held on Saturday, March 15, 2014.

We were thrilled to have the support of the Montgomery Mall again and enjoyed working with Impact Thrift Stores.  

Our many friends came to help us complete our project list that included the following:
500 Sock n Snack Rolls
150 Peace & Smiles Boxes
300  Personal Care Bags
750 After-School Snack Bags
450 Adult Snack Bags
200 Spring Flower Pots
195 Operation Recognition Thank You Notes
350 Volunteer Snack Bags
and over 130 Braided Dog Toys!

sock n snack roll

Sock n’ Snack Rolls

Braiding Dog Toys

Braiding Dog Toys

Personal Care Bags

Personal Care Bags

jordyn and jenna hugs n smiles

Hugs & Smiles Cards


Peace & Smiles Boxes


Volunteer Sweet Bags


Spring Flower Pots


After-school Snack Bags



Event Bookmark



Impact Thrift Stores

Impact Thrift Stores