A Relaxing Sunday

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect Sunday. I love to enjoy a slower-paced morning and then focus my afternoon on getting organized for the week ahead. It’s a great feeling to get a jump on things. Getting those groceries, updating calendars, doing some house-cleaning… these activities are all so satisfying.

Last week, our family chose to interrupt our organized Sunday and opt for something out-of-the-ordinary. We bundled up in warm coats and headed to Philadelphia. We spent time packaging a hot meal for some members of the homeless community. Then, we handed out those containers, along with a drink and a breakfast bag for the next morning.

The Sunday Love Project is a wonderful effort with the mission to share food with those experiencing homelessness while, at the same time, creating a sense of community in their world. There are so many hard-working individuals doing this wonderful work every week.

It was interesting to see the comfort that we were able to bring to those individuals we encountered. They had a look of relief as they held that container of food. It was an eye-opening reminder to realize that the homeless community doesn’t rate the quality of their Sunday by how many errands they completed.

They aren’t thinking about getting organized for the week. A warm meal and a smile made their day complete in a way that I have gained such a deep respect for. I can not understand the emotions that this community feels as they face so many struggles. I can, however, feel incredible awe at the perseverance that I have seen in the spirit of so many individuals.

As I try to learn more every day in order to continue to teach the lessons of giving to our Giving Tree youth, I am amazed at how much I continue to grow in understanding. These lessons are just as important to our children. There are ways for them to help and to learn compassion and kindness. These qualities can grow with our children.

There are ways to give our children the opportunity to give. It starts by making service an activity and a conversation in your home. The days are busy and we all need that Sunday afternoon to rejuvenate and get ready for next week. This Sunday, take an extra minute and stop and reflect on those who need compassion and then sit down and chat with your children and see how much warmth and comfort is in their hearts. It will be a great start to your week.