At a Glance

Our Mission

The Giving Tree is dedicated to teaching and inspiring children about the merits of giving back to those in need in our local community through hands-on service projects and educational curricula.

Our Work

Since 2009, The Giving Tree has been educating and inspiring youth through our work with public and private schools, scouting groups, youth-centered clubs and organizations, and families in the greater Philadelphia area.

Our Program

How it works… step by step:

  1. Collaborate with schools, scouting groups, clubs and families.
  2. Package project materials, educational curricula and discussion talking points.
  3. Students assemble projects, create cards of encouragement and discuss service topics.
  4. Completed projects are returned to The Giving Tree and distributed to those in need.

Highlights Since 2009

  • Over 40,000 Youth Participants
  • Over 28,000 Service Hours
  • 226,379 Lives Touched by youth generosity
  • 180 Nonprofit Partners
  • 84,487 Sock Rolls for food insecure and homeless individuals
  • 42,773 Gifts for underprivileged children
  • 25,218 Gifts for the elderly community
  • 46,043 Gifts for hunger & dignity assistance
  • 24,754 Cards of encouragement