Auld Lang Syne

December…. It represents so many different things. The holidays are here and that brings with it both excitement and exhaustion. There’s so much to do. The decorations, the holiday cards, the gift buying… all keeps us busy. It can be an emotional time as we think of family we have lost and plan new memories with all of the special people who make our world complete.

December also represents both an end and a beginning. It is the end of the year, which I’m sure will be welcomed since 2020 was a rocky ride. As the year wraps up, we have a chance to reflect and look forward to the next one. Parents tend to do so much reflection every month of the year.

We always want to think about our children’s activities, grades, friendships, accomplishments etc….. Have they done well? Are they happy? Will the first semester be a good memory? There are so many bigger questions as the college years approach and the applications and decisions are becoming a reality.

With all of these important thoughts and reflections, you may be thinking that you don’t want to add another one. But, there is a question that should be considered. Has my child helped someone in need to have a better day? This one deserves some reflection.

There are so many ways to make a difference in someone’s life. It does not always require a big dollar investment. A cup of coffee handed to someone standing on the street, a nod of the head, a smile, a holiday greeting, or a handmade card can brighten someone’s day. The littlest thing can mean so much. A senior in a long-term care facility or an individual experiencing homelessness will smile and find comfort from a card with a warm greeting.

The Giving Tree is here to work with all of our families and help you provide these experiences for your children. They will learn so much as they take their time to think of someone else. The compassion they learn will stay with them. So, talk to your children about giving. Reflect together.

Thank you for all of the support throughout the year and we look forward to many more great service opportunities in the coming year. As I prepare for the holiday, I also think about my children and all of the Giving Tree youth. We have had a busy year filled with new adventures. Our Take Home kits have been a great success and families have stayed strong and consistent in their efforts to give back. For that, I am grateful.

Let’s all continue to be that change that we wish to see for our children and the world that they live in!!!! Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year.