Volunteering for Teens

By: Sydney Charlene Vance
9th Grade, Homeschool

What are your 2024 summer plans? Music camp? Sports camp? College search? Travelling with family? Finishing the reading requirements or math packet for school way earlier than you did this summer?  Continue reading

Encouraging Kids to Give Back

By: Margis Kapur

I started writing this blog about all the kind things I’ve done, but then I realized: So what! Lots of people do nice things.

Then I started to write about awards I received for doing nice things Continue reading

Service Project Grows

By Lucas

When I was in seventh grade, my friend and I had begun work on planning a big service project. Originally, it was just the two of us, but it soon started to become something a fair bit bigger Continue reading


By Caroline Chappell – 


Kind. It’s the name of a snack company. It’s a synonym for charitable. It’s a homonym for a variety or type. But kind is often a misunderstood word. Being kind is not giving someone Continue reading

A Journey of Compassion

Summer is a time to relax. Children have been working all year and this break from the everyday routine is so appreciated by both the teachers and students alike. The warm weather provides opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and relax. Continue reading