Copycats Among Us

There are so many expressions that seem to live forever. When we hear them, our minds jump back to our childhood years. “Mom, he is copying me.,” How many times have we experienced that scenario or heard a child say that?

Children love to emulate their peers or older youth. It makes them feel confident, interesting, and relevant. Suddenly, a silly action or activity seems like a great idea. A young child might be looking for that reassuring laugh or smile, or even just a feeling of acceptance.

As children navigate those tougher middle school years, there is still that need to look up to another friend, babysitter, camp counselor, or teacher. Parents hope to set good examples and encourage those positive relationships since we have the wisdom to know that our kids will “look up to” their connections.

The Giving Tree hopes that we can encourage our older students to understand their role in the community. Our 3 step kindness program introduces students to different levels of Kindness but also takes it a step further. Besides taking part in activities to show others that they are cared about, these students must remember that there is someone in the background who is looking up to them.

Our Pay It Forward Kindness Kits will go from our older Giving Tree students, who we will officially deem Kindness experts, to our younger, impressionable students. These kits will carry with them a dare so empowering that we are hoping it is irresistible to the recipients.

When the gift is opened, they will hear a subliminal voice saying, “I am an older student who thinks Kindness is important and cool. Here are the tools you need to show Kindness to others. Go ahead, Copy Me!!!”

Reach out to us to learn about this program and to get your child involved in service activities. We believe that children learn from hands-on involvement and learn so much from their peers and mentors who are around them. So bring on those copycats and let’s set a new trend in the community….Spreading Kindness and Friendship. I hope we all feel encouraged to see how contagious Kindness can be.