Employee Matching

Does your company match?

Many companies match their
employee's contributions to nonprofits.

See how you can double your donation now!

An Employee Matching Program is a corporate giving program set up to encourage YOU to give to a worthwhile 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and have the support of the company where you work. This gives you, as an employee, a say in where your employer allocates its corporate giving dollars.

The typical corporate match is structured in a way that companies match donations made by their employees to eligible non-profit organizations. Many companies match dollar for dollar.

With all of this wonderful power directing your employer to send donations to your charity of choice, comes a bit of needed assistance from you. It is up to you to get The Giving Tree on the eligibility list at your place of employment. Once a company is aware of your donation and things are filed properly, The Giving Tree will receive a matching donation.

We can help with this process and would be extremely grateful for the extra effort on your part to continue to help us grow.