Project Parties

Throughout the year, The Giving Tree provides service activities for children to take part in. These activities and events are great tasks that ask children to give of themselves and think about others by offering so many needed items to various charities in the area. Here are some of our most popular choices.

Service Spotlight

Adding an educational component to The Giving Tree project brings an even more meaningful experience for participating youth. It is important for the children to understand ‘why’ they are doing a project.... and ‘who’ are they helping.

Our Service Spotlights provide an informative piece focusing on specific projects, community needs, and hardships individuals may face. When purchasing a project, Service Spotlights are available for discussion with your group. When our volunteers are a part of your project on-site, open discussion and reflection are facilitated by the volunteer.

Here is an example of a Service Spotlight

As you plan your “project party”, please keep in mind that everything can be customized to meet your needs. Contact a Giving Tree Representative to discuss your group and what type of service might be of interest to you. We will then work together to bring that project to life. Your budget needs will be considered and we can design the party that you wish to present.

At The Giving Tree, we like to look at all service time as a party because this get-together will bring great feelings of satisfaction as children GIVE to others. This type of education is priceless and the lessons our children will learn from doing these activities are priceless.

  • Scout service
  • Church/Synagogue lessons
  • Sports teams
  • Running groups
  • Honor Societies
  • Family Birthday Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Corporate Family Picnics
  • Mom’s Clubs