Have You Helped Someone Today?

As the school year wraps up for students, moms and dads are relieved to have survived the quarantine and the dreaded Distance Learning experience. This was a tough time to learn all of their lessons on the computer. This past weekend I watched my daughter’s outdoor, socially-distanced dance recital. I found myself amazed by the choreography that was put together over zoom sessions.

It does make me realize that given some dedication and effort our children can learn in difficult circumstances. During the summer downtime, take time to remind your children how important service is in the world. Helping our neighbors is more important than ever. Kindness and compassion are at the heart of all of our lessons at The Giving Tree.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

This is the quote that drives the spirit of our MLK Day Sock Roll Challenge. This effort began 3 years ago and is loved by so many groups in our area. Every year students come together with their schoolmates, scout groups, teammates, and families. They make thousands of sock and snack rolls to give to those who are cold and need warmth both physically and emotionally. The Giving Tree is so proud that we have helped over 45,000 individuals with these gifts.

Every student who rolls those socks and snacks and writes their name on the gift-tag is sending love and warmth to someone who needs it so much. The pictures that we receive from the various shelters and soup kitchens show us how important our work is. Their smiles say so much and we try to share that with our Giving Tree students and parents.

Kindness and acceptance from our children bring so much to our local Philadelphia community and the children showing that kindness learn so much from the act of giving and the realization of the gratitude that is felt by our neighbors in need.

Enjoy the summer weather that is upon us and know that The Giving Tree team is hard at work making plans for the next school year. Remember, there is no summer break from Giving. Do something kind every day!!!!