I think I’m on Mute

In today’s environment, the world is growing accustomed to meetings and classrooms on a computer screen. We are all missing the get-togethers and personal interactions. As a mom, I want my children to have as much normal as possible. That being said, education has taken many creative twists and turns.

It can certainly be challenging for children to learn some of their school subjects without the teacher present. In so many cases, there are some interesting things that our amazing teachers have done to keep our kids learning. I’m sure there are many days that the teacher looks into those little boxes on the computer screen and thinks, “Is anyone listening? I feel like I am on mute.”

No matter what lesson we try to teach, we have to keep their attention, regardless of whether we are in the same room or online. I want to take this opportunity to thank our teachers who are working so hard every day to keep our kids learning. The faculty, staff, and administration of our schools have so many challenges throughout the various stages of this pandemic.

The Giving Tree had a chance this month to see what it’s like to sit in that special “Teacher Box” on the zoom screen. We launched our new Virtual Series called “The Kindness Korner”. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we decided that this was a great educational lesson to start the series off.

We created a Take Home Service Project and worked with the participants virtually. We talked about Martin Luther King and his ties to service. This sparked a great discussion about homelessness and poverty. We even had an opportunity to watch our “class” color some of their bags, make their sock rolls, and decorate their cards.

Although it was a wonderful experience to see the children make some of their projects, I think the best part was the discussion. They answered our questions with thoughtful responses. They offered insight that made us realize how much awareness is inside of our children. They see what problems exist in the world and have a desire to see those who experience hardship find comfort. Our first lesson on our Kindness Korner was so successful.

The Giving Tree team had a great time and definitely loved the participation and excitement. We are looking forward to planning another virtual event soon. Online activities are exhausting some days but zoom has opened doors for some new adventures. There are new avenues to take as we teach our children. And, the great thing is we were NOT on mute! Our voices were heard! Let the Kindness continue!