Educator Testimonials

Teachers, coaches, group leaders, and other educators do their very best every day to teach and inspire their students. Every subject they study is so important. All of the skills they learn playing sports and participating in clubs also helps them grow into hard-working adults. Kindness and compassion are qualities that do not come with textbooks. We help educators provide the charitable education of community service and the positive results of giving back.

The people involved in The Giving Tree made our community service projects not only meaningful but also easy to implement. After our initial brainstorming meeting, The Giving Tree completely took the reins and organized all the activities for each grade level. My entire school community was impressed! Our partnership with The Giving Tree was exactly what we needed. I look forward to many more years of collaboration with The Giving Tree!

Tami Wunder-Italia, M.Ed., NCC    Crooked Billet Elementary School