The Three R’s!!!

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic! Are the three R’s still the most important part of school? These mainstays of the educational system represent the foundation of how our children will be judged. Tests, quizzes, standardized testing….How are our youth progressing?

The start of the new year brings all things new and promising. The clean slate, as they say. There is so much possibility for our children to show off that academic genius inside of them. So, the back to school shopping gives us that refreshing feeling of promise. This year, however, our list includes comfortable masks and hand sanitizer. That hardly fills me with promise. It feels more like apprehension and frustration.

So, what are we all feeling? How will the school provide the academic skills? These questions bring about so many others.

What are all of the services that schools provide to our children? Hot breakfast and lunch is offered to so many students who suffer from food insecurity. That school building is sometimes a place of refuge from family situations that are not so perfect. Groups of youth together provide life lessons in problem resolution and strategization, as well as companionship and friendship.

School does offer so much more than the three R’s. At risk youth in our surrounding communities are at a risk of falling behind in school without the right supplies and support. The good news is we can help lighten the load. Our Take Home Service Kits for the fall will have projects to benefit our students in need. As parents, you have that opportunity to teach your children that there are kids in need of their support and love. The sense of worth will be felt by the giver and receiver.

Contact us to learn more about ways to get involved. Ask about Take Home Kits or virtual service project parties. We can also customize a plan that works for you. So, how important are those three R’s? They are very important, of course. However without kindness, compassion and love our children would be missing key tools to success. Let us partner together as parents and teachers. And of course, recess monitors and cafeteria staff, field trip drivers, and school nurse. Pour another coffee-it’s going to be a long day.