Tricks, Treats, and Service

It’s that scary time of year again. The costumes and masks come out. No, not those masks!! It’s that time for chilly nights, candy that we probably shouldn’t eat, and spooky decorations. We all have different traditions as drop the curtain on October and usher in November. However, there is a word that will conjure up Halloween fun in all of our minds – “BOO”

If I say “BOO” during this month many of us will think of a snickers bar and a group of costumed kids. At The Giving Tree, we have also found that our projects can often teach a great “ONE” word lesson.

If a student creates a Peace & Smiles Box® for a child in the hospital, that student is spreading “HAPPINESS”. Likewise, if a student fills a bag or makes a sock roll, that student is showing “COMPASSION”. During the height of Covid, children were making our Superhero Planters. These decorated pots were for our most essential health care workers. Students were showing “GRATITUDE” with every pot they made.

Parenting certainly has its challenges with all of the lessons that we need to teach. How can we prioritize the activities that our children should take part in? Teachers, how can you possibly fit one more lesson in your day? Your challenges are many as you try to teach all of those young people and prepare them for the next step in their educational process.

Don’t worry, because you have a partner. The team here at The Giving Tree headquarters will help. We have the projects for you and can help plan out activities and teach those lessons in a creative, interesting way. We will support you as you try so hard to make those giving lessons important and relevant.

So, over time words definitely put pictures in our minds and make us think of something particular. Now, when you hear the word “SERVICE” you will think of The Giving Tree. Unfortunately, though, we can’t give all of you a Snickers bar.