Uncertain Times

These days, it doesn’t seem to matter if you have a child entering Kindergarten or one starting college. We are all unsure of whether to buy a backpack for school or to just fill a laundry basket with books and carry them to the kitchen.

We all want the best for our children. Yet, every day news reports change and make it more difficult to make decisions with certainty. There are so many worries. We want our children to keep up with the academics, the sports, the arts and of course the simple joys of friendships. Nothing compares to the youthful giggles of kids enjoying silly times together at recess. At the same time, we want to curl up under a blanket on the sofa with them and hide from all of the craziness.

The Giving Tree has similar thoughts as we reflect on prior year events and activities. We are planning for more at-home projects and school activities that we can drop off to teachers who are in the classroom. There is a feeling of disappointment as we realize that it may not be possible to interact with the Giving Tree youth as “Normal”.

We want to be sure that our kindness lessons are available and that we are teaching “The Give Back” principles. Things will be a little different during this school year but the projects will be there. Community need is still there and kindness should always drive our actions.

So, as everyone works on new learning ideas, The Giving Tree team is also designing new and creative service learning avenues. The team will be ready to share these ideas with everyone soon.

In the meantime, as we plan for school days and what that might look like, we can start a list of things that we feel are worthwhile activities for the kids. I love notebooks and lists. They make me feel organized and empowered for the day.

Consider this. Write down the lessons, the craft projects and the chores that we feel will enrich the little minds. Be sure to add service to the list. A project to give back to the community is a perfect addition to the list. Don’t worry I know someone that can help you with that.